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Re: music just for musicians?

>neato says:
>>there is however a big difference...reverb processing machines are a 
>>entity...the jamman was basically a new concept all together...it takes
>>time to promote an entirely new idea...

>Dr Michael Pycraft Hughes wrote:
>But it wasn't.  It could have been pushed as the replacement EH16sec 
> Robert Fripp should have been photographed with it as soon as it came 
>rather than waiting years till Obie produced a similar product.

neato says:
i wouldnt exactly call the jamman a replacement of the eh16...wasn't there
a gap of about 15 years between the two!...and besides the eh 16 came
relatively late in the electro harmonix story...mike matthews folded it up
not much later...it didnt make much of a dent....it was also a pedal ( and
geared like all eh products towards guitarists only) as opposed to a
rackmount which has studio implications

-my point still being that although the figures show a limited sales figure
for a lower priced item(jamman) as compared to the cream of the lexicon
line at much higher prices, it
can almost be expected due to the publics basic unfamiliarity with loops
and loopers in general...the two simply cannot be compared

-another solution would be a multi-fx box that offers looping as one of
it's features...but not as an abbreviated afterthought, but rather as a
well thought out totally intergrated feature that expands on past editions

-finally as regards this $199 blow out price...that has people saying
nobody wanted one until the price was cut to this level...there is another
factor besides just sale price (and whats wrong with that anyway? the unit
is no longer cutting edge and should have been updated long ago) that comes
into play...and that is availibility...this is literally the last chance
for a looper for many intereted folk who can't afford the higher priced
echoplex...the rush is not only about price but availibility!


                                     all my mistakes were once acts of 
                                                       neato@pipeline com