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Re: music just for musicians?

>>I still maintain that the easy answer is a looping card for the PCM 80.
>>All the
>>tools are in place, and it would be a really great product, albeit an
>>one. But no one wanted to hear it, so...

I know a lot of instruments and equippment in this price range - is it that
much more important?

Dr. Hughes:
>I never thought I'd _ever_ actually say this, but it would be cheaper to
>buy a TC2290.....

you get more front space and weight and nicer keys, but much less
functionality, I think. Its 12 years old, after all!

I am in favour of the PCM80 card

In the next mail, on fire:
>But it wasn't.  It could have been pushed as the replacement EH16sec 
> Robert Fripp should have been photographed with it as soon as it came 
>rather than waiting years till Obie produced a similar product.

The LOOP delay was on the market one year before the JamMan and all the
important functions of the later Echoplex, and if Obie had moved quicker...

But do not worry too much about this side. Important is that we go ahead
and let it grow. If we spread that we are a marginal group of ambient fans,
it will not convince a manufacturer to spread products at accessible
If we get the vision of the wide possibilities, it will start happening for
all of us.


Oh, and please: do not compare delay units with loop units, its different