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just to say hello

hello folks,

pretty new to the list here,just thought i might introduce myself.
my name is james rhodes, and im in San Antonio, TX. im kinda new to this 
thing ,,,sort of ,,i played for approx 2 years with one of the original
crafty guitarists, John Miley. he did alot of looping pieces,,and i added
textures and parts with my Chapmen Stick. i think he used a Ibanez DM-1100
for his looping.
so i guess im not totally new to it. i played with Vic Chesnutt(in Mr.
Greenjeans) around the same time,,but there was no looping involved. i have
been a Steve Reich fan for around 10-12 years,,but only recently have i
personally used looping in my composition/performance. i purchased a Jamman
a few weeks ago, and my Echoplex just arrived today..it set me back $529.00
and i still need to order a footpedal...is approx $119.00 the going rate?
the manuel looks pretty overwhelming, but i really havent had the time to
read it cover to cover...i expect that i will learn alot of tips monitering
this list. 
well anyway i have noticed some fellow Stickists on this list so it must be
pretty informative,,,so hi to all out there and if you are ever in the San
Antonio area let me know,,,we always have a cool one in the fridge , for 
traveling musician...

later loopers
james rhodes