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Re: Living on a rock

In a message dated 3/17/97 4:42:03 PM, you wrote:

>Yes, there seems to be much repetition in music from Asia....but (from 
>little I know about it) it seems to me that the performance of the
>repetition is very important, perhaps as a meditation.  For example, I
>can't quite imagine traditional gamelan performers playing their patterns
>into looping devices, then sitting back and drinking tea. 

that's an interesting mental picture though :-)....the physical portion of
playing the music for meditative purposes would seem to me to be a little
less important that the music itself, unless you are thinking of something
like the Sufic dancers...repetitive patterns in music can create that
"meditative" state, but i much more like looping for that, especially with
slowly-evolving loops.  steve tibbetts has some interesting music that is
influenced somewhat in this way, he's on ECM if any of you are interested 
hearing his music!
bobby d/lvx nova