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BIG BIG Loop event coming up!

Hi people!  It's finally arriving, the Philadelphia / Mid-Atlantic Loop
Show, this Saturday.  The show will present four loop acts, all from right
here on Looper's Delight.  I set this up for you guys.  Hope you can make


DATE / TIME: Saturday, March 22, 7:30 pm
PLACE: LionFish Coffeehouse, 614 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA (half a block
north of Spring Garden St.)
PHONE #: (215) 829-9103
E-MAIL ME FOR MORE INFO: jspeer@haverford.edu
COVER: $5 
LOOP SHOW WEB PAGE: http://atomsun.harvard.edu/broadside/loopshow.html

The LionFish Coffeehouse and your host Jim Speer present four accomplished
acts on the mid-Atlantic looped music scene.  This special night showcases
an evening of live improvised and composed looped music.  For those
interested in ambient and experimental music, this unique show is not to be
missed!  Come witness a broad range of looped-music compositional and
improvisatory styles from:

* Emergence of Man, from NJ (Chapman Stick, with flute and percussion - 
* Fingerpaint, from Baltimore, MD (guitars and synths - duo)
* Charles Cohen, from Philadelphia (Buchla Music Easel - solo)
* Accidents Will Happen, from Newark, DE (gtr, bass, & drum - trio)

Come on out for what I know will be a great evening, and you'll be
supporting the worthy cause of experimental music in center city. 

My Town: Philadelphia!