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RE: Boomerang (back attcha) (fwd)

It would be very interesting to use the following LFO waveforms (in 
addition to the usual sine and triangle waveforms) to electronically 
control morphing on the Vortex:
- Square
- Sawtooth
- Random
Also, waveforms that morph each other might cause some interesting 

Could a vocoder produce an acceptable signal to control the Vortex?

Mark Kata

From:   David Myers[SMTP:dmgraph@bway.net]
Sent:   Tuesday, March 18, 1997 10:01 AM
To:     Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject:        Re: Boomerang (back attcha) (fwd)

>I've seen the Boomerang on sale for around $350 at Guitar Center, which is
>about $150 to $200 more than the Echoplex (which doesn't come with its own
>dedicated footpedal; that costs about $100 more).

I think you mean "$150 to $200 *less* than the Echoplex"....

BTW, since there's many Vortex enthusiasts here: does anyone have any ideas
about electronic control of the morphing?  I'd like to hook up a VCO
instead of a footpedal for slow, hands-off A-B transitions.  Asked Craig
Anderton about it, and while he wasn't familiar with the Vortex (cripes,
Craig...) he said that "if it is a matter of current control, an RCA 3080
might be used".