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JamMan pedal for free (almost)

Greetings Loopy bunch

I've been off the list.  (my e-mail got moved to a new server and I
guess the
list server choked on that ) Anyway I'm back and with an offer.

I picked up a Ground Control Midi Pedal over the weekend.  Quite
pleased. I can
now get to all my Jamdude features in a non clunky fashion.  Thanks
to those on the list that recommended it.  

Anyway the footswitch that came with it is now gathering dust, so 
I'll let anyone that wants it for a second switch for their jamman have
for the cost of postage.  

First come first served.  

e-mail me privately


PS.  I really dig the Sling Blade soundtrack from Daniel Lanios, some 
cool loops on it.   I think some looper recommended it.  Thanks again.
I finally saw the film last week Billy Bob Thorton was scary good, and
Dwight Yokum as a drunken-failed-redneck-rocker was suprisingly good. 

John Ott
Information Technology Manager
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
Advanced Technology Applications
401 Defense Highway
Annapolis MD 21401
(410) 266 1743