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Re: wake up!

>  in stocking feet sitting down! kinda surprised by this-is this 
>  sensitivity level common?   
>  >Using a pedal with a looper just takes some practice, I think.
>  what i'm talking about is the sensitivity of the pedal itself
> ...i'd be able to deal with the timing if
> the button weren't so sensitive. any tips would be great.
...........Interface is so important.  I'm not familiar with the plex, 
but I had to chuckle at the "sit in socks" image because that's exactly 
what I do with my jamman.  But that was before I found the Boomerang. 
As luck would have it, I play in a group in Dallas with one of the Cheeses 
in the Boomerang company (Mike Nelson) and he turned me on to it.  Much 
better control owing to the near no-throw flat switches.  (what was 
Lexicon thinking with these inch-throw black switches?  certainly not a 
real performance environment...and what's up with their mute mode where 
you come back into the loop who knows where???)  

Except for a slower sampling rate (cutting out a few highs when I use it 
with keyboard or percussion as opposed to guitar, bass or trombone) [which 
allows for loops up to almost 5 minutes in length with max memory], 
I think the Boomerang is superior to the jamman in every other way, 
especially in live performance.  And it's competitively priced...and, 
no, I don't get a commission to say any of this.  I think it's about half 
the price of the Oberheim.  

I AM trying to get all my musician friends to get a boomerang...I think 
it's that cool.  I use it to create horn parts in Rotten Rubber Band 
(a Texas Swamp Boogie band) and as a more ambient device in various art 
music (from Fripp/Eno to Cage/Oliveros) style applications.  The half/ 
double speed and reverse on the fly functions can make some swimmingly 
delicious textures.

I guess I like it, huh?