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Re: Living on a rock

I have a good friend from Africa who I turned on to the Echoplex -
Samite of Uganda (http://www.fcinet.com/samite/). He has 3 albums out
with World music.

He uses the Echoples for layering kalimbas and voice. It's totally

J. Arif Verner
Infinite Sound Studio

Chris Chovit wrote:
> Bobby wrote:
> >hmmmmm, that's a good one kim. from all the enthnomusicology i absorbed
> >during my time in school, i would say yes, in the sense that many types 
> >asian and "oriental" musics do have a lot of repetition...and can also 
> >very mono-chromatic and harmonically static in some ways...Bob Phelps, 
> >you up for answering this one??? :-)_
> >bobby devito/lvx nova
> Yes, there seems to be much repetition in music from Asia....but (from 
> little I know about it) it seems to me that the performance of the
> repetition is very important, perhaps as a meditation.  For example, I
> can't quite imagine traditional gamelan performers playing their patterns
> into looping devices, then sitting back and drinking tea.  Perhaps this 
> also what is preventing African musicians from embracing these devices.  
> mean, African polyrthythms are very repetitive, but I can't picture a
> drum/dance ritual to the beat of a looping device.....but then again, you
> never know how things will turn out....