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RE: direct to board

>From:  Mark@asisoftware.com
>Reply To:      Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Sent:  Thursday, March 27, 1997 5:27 PM
>To:    John_Ott@ATK.COM
>This is somewhat off topic, but since there have been quite a few posts 
>mixers, I'll ask.
>I'm forming an eight-piece Top 40 band (guitar, bass, electronic & 
>drums, keyboard, three horns and a female vocalist) and I'm considering
>running my guitar from a SansAmp PSA-1 preamp (with a volume pedal and a
>Vortex) directly into the mixer.  I don't want to use a speaker cabinet or
>power amp.
>Does anyone have experience with this kind of a setup?

Yep,  Digitech RP-6 (cabinette simulator) -> Mackie (with JamMan in
effect loop)  -> main PA or recording.

The draw back with this setup is generating feedback, so I send a aux
out to a fender amp for use as a monitor
and to generate and control feedback.  If you don't like or use feedback
you should be OK.

Do you have the SansAmp yet?  I've heard good things about it.  How do
you like it? (if you have it)


Tuesday night I  went looking for David Torn's new album but came back
with "Cloud About Mercury" and
"Polytown",  good stuff.  Also was looking for Michael Brook's "Albino
Alligator" soundtrack
and got "Hybrid" instead.  More good loopy stuff. Still looking for the
new stuff. 

Also got a e-mail from Gary at the artist-shop to say Jon Durant's new
record is in.

I checked out the real-audio at
Also the  alchemy page has some AIFF files samples.  
I like it, I'm waiting for some VoicePrint stuff to come in then I'm
to order those and Jon's record at the artist-shop.

Nice work Jon.