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Re: Stage monitors

> > I don't want to use a speaker cabinet or power amp.

> Forget using a guitar amp.  Use a small PA system of your own,
> something accurate.  Guitar amps will just muck up your monitor
> sound. 

.......Not trusting sound people any further than my mom, I certainly 
second the personal stage monitor suggestion even though I hate having to 
shlep any more gear than absolutely necessary.  Now, when it comes to 
guitar, I have to point out that half the coolness of my strat is the 
quality of the sound of my mesa boogie.  That really IS the sound of the 
guitar.  I'm sure if my amp didn't sound as good as the pa that would be 
different.  For horn, vocal and keyboards, I put everything through a 
mackey board into a coupla powered JBL Eons (hard to beat JBL for 
clarity), but I'd say a good tube amp is essential for a guitar sound 
with any kind of balls (or tasty timbre, if you prefer).

.kim prime