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- the marshall arts trio is appearing at the Paradise Lounge tomorrow
night (Friday, March 29 - 9:30pm).

- the band consists of Joshi Marshall playing tenor and alto saxophones
(often simultaneously), flutes, and percussion; Steve Rossi playing
drums, percussion and a lot of other stuff, and i'm playing the Uprite
bass that i designed for Zeta/Gibson through a looper and several other
dsp devices. 

- the music comes from the blues, bebop, and space/time.

- Joshi also appears with Jungle Biskit and Mingus Amongus (they just
won a Bammie) and has worked w/Charlie Hunter, Josh Jones' Hueman
Flavor, The Mofessionals and lots of other bay bands. 

- Steve Rossi also works with Mingus Amongus and recently won a room
full of drums for being the best soloist in CA.

- In the '50's I worked w/Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Etta Jones, Dinah
Washington, and Terry Gibbs; in the 60's w/Ben Webster, Howard Roberts,
Philly Joe Jones, John Handy, Pharoah Sanders, Lou Rawls, Maynard
Ferguson, Dexter Gordon, Mose Allison, Joe Henderson and others - also
made a bunch of records w/Vince Guaraldi (and the "Peanuts " stuff for
t.v.), did a live album w/Jon Hendricks and was the house bassist at Bop
City after hours in SF - also designed and built the sustaining guitar
(US PAT), sympathetic  electronic instruments, electronic drums (for
Jerry Granelli, who I worked w/over 20 yrs)
and various loop devices (there were none on the market and i didn't
want to carry two tape machines).
- in the 70's I co-created the Light Sound Dimension with Bill Ham
(inventor of the SF light show) playing instruments of my own design,
including the loops,  and performed several thousand completely
spontaneous light and sound "Compositions in the Present Tense" at
museums and universities here and in Europe as well as in our theatre on
California St in Fan Francisco.

- since then, I've been raising a family (Joshi happens to be my son,
and a daughter Zoe), playing guitar in my band Delta Nine, doing a few
Light Sound Dimension shows, and designing/building instruments. For the
last five years we've been appearing as the current band, Marshall Arts.

- In April Joshi and Steve are touring Cuba with Mingus Amongus and I'll
be in Arkansas celebrating my mother's 89th, so this will be the last
show in the SF area for a minute or two.

- You can hear the Marshall Arts trio at    www.fredmarshall.com   
(streaming audio by Shockwave). There are several loop pieces on the cd
we just finished, and they will be on the site soon as I get a chance to
squish them.

- here we are . . .

fred marshall