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Re: SansAmp (was Stage monitors)

i've got a thd hot plate too, and it is a great unit. its function is to
soak power headed for the speakers, just a little bit or completely. i run 
marshall midi preamp into an engl amp and out to the hot plate and into a
hughes and kettner red box III and into the tape machine. i think it sounds
very good. i'm wondering what a sans amp would do at the front end. i can't
recall thd's address. somewhere in washington or oregon. check one of the
guitar magazines. they make great amps too. the hot plate got a  favorable
review in guitar player. it supposedly is the best of the lot. 

At 03:16 PM 3/28/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> However, when I ran the SansAmp directly into the board, I could not get
>> the warm sound I had using the Boogie power amp and speaker. 
>...............uh-oh.  I'm going to pick up a SansAmp this afternoon and 
>was hoping it would allow me to leave the boogie at home now and then.  
>Warmth is such an important part of the soul of the guitar to me...looking
>forward to see if the variety is enough compensation (at least for 
>rehearsals).  Thanks for the details of your experimentation.
>> guitar into the PSA-1 -->  Fender tube reverb --> Boogie tube power amp 
>> THD Hot plate -->  Celestion Greenbacks.
>..................what's a hot plate?