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re: ancient tape squeak

> >Unfortunately, some of the tapes (cheaper brands such as Shamrock and
> >Sony) have a tendency to rub off their coating very quickly. The effect 
> >a very high pitched squeaking noise which begins faintly and gets louder
> >and louder. The squeaking can also be heard on the recording - the music
> >gets modulated and distorted and is unusable.

> >If anyone has found a remedy for this problem, please let me know.

....okay, this sounded bizarre when I first heard about it, but I believe 
Bruce Richardson (73422.3357@compuserv.com) had a recent studio project 
where he had to salvage an archiv of ancient tapes and used a, get this, 
baking process in his kitchen oven...that somehow re-applied the material 
to the tape.  I don't know temps or other details, but I'm sure 
he'd be happy to share his family recipe.