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Re: Mercedes and visual looping

Dave Trenkel wrote:
> ... So I'm thinking that there's
> a way to create a visual analog for what we do musically, using something
> like X<>Pose. Any thoughts? Anybody actually doing this kind of stuff?

  There are products out (sorry, can't recall names) that output MIDI
messages in response to movement and proximity. For example you step
around your keyboard and thust your arm into the air and simultaneously
the stage lighting changes and a musical sequence is triggered. Or
perhaps you walk to an area of the stage and jab your guitar in and out
at an imaginary foe, but each jab is accompanied by a huge sonic blast.
I saw one of these companies at the 1996 NAMM show, but their name is
still not coming to me. I think the devices employ infra-red sensors,
and are programmable as to transmitted MIDI data.