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visual looping

Dear  Loopers,
          Usually I lurk behind Bryan while reading this group, but I
did wish to
respond to the "visual looping" query. I'm Sarajane, and I work in
clays. Like some of you, my work is non-electric, manual formation of
repetitive patterns. I use a process called caning, in which colored
clays are
 placed to form visual images, then squeezed and manipulated into a long
 tube of clay, which can be sliced to form hundreds of intricate
 These repeat images can be further manipulated, distorted, cut, or
added to,
 used to build further patterns in progressions...sound familiar? We
have used
some of  my polymer work make visual images for Bryan, and Dave
use as tape cover art, t shirts (well, two of 'em) and there is a mosaic
(using thousands of sliced pieces) on the Bindlestiff website that is a
encrusted and beaded guitar. (Bryan says its's some of his best work on
 guitar. Certainly it is the loudest.)
     There is a certain synchronicity between this loopgroup and the
group  that I also read...everything from the "art-vs-entertainment"
thread to
 the  superiority of convection ovens  when baking plastics has an
audio- to-
 visual equivalent....
                 Thank you  all for being such an interesting group to
                                                 Sarajane Helm