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Re: delta-lab echotron

>Does anybody know how to hack an ADM4096 to add more memory or
>features? (or know a technician that could?) I opened it up and
>it looks like its using 16 chips soldered into the board for its
>current 4 sec delay time (chips say "MOSTEK 8328 MK4564N-20").

The Mostek parts are DRAMs. from the part number, probably 200ns, 64kbit. I
found an interesting mini history about mostek on the web page of a former


They invented DRAM and went out of business when the price had dropped so
low by the mid-80's. Life in the computer biz.... You almost certainly
won't find those parts anywhere, unless you pull them out of some other old

As far as expansion, it would be interesting to find a schematic of the
echotron and take a look. It probably is not as simple as simply adding
more memory chips. You would probably need to hack some other logic in
there for addressing and such. Even then it might not be possible, or worth
it. It is worth taking a look though. Anyone know where a schematic for
this beast might be had? Surely there are some old deltalabs employees
floating around?


>Is Deltalab still in business? if so does anyone have their number?
>Curtis Bahn

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