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RE: delta-lab echotron

At 3:42 PM 4/10/97, Sellon, Bob wrote:
>You are in luck. It turns out that, way Delta Lab implemented their delay

Hi Bob-

Thanks for bringing your expert knowledge to the list, its great to have
you join us!

>I'm not interested in doing this kind of work myself but I do have
>schematics and would be willing to send someone a copy and walk them
>through it. Let me know.

I'd love to have copies of these for the Looper's Delight web page. Do you
have any way to scan them? If not, we can arrange for that somehow. Let me
know. I'd love to have all these little bits and treasures about old loop
devices collected together where anyone can refer to them.

>Also, I am in the process of putting together a web site that will
>include procedures for various mods I have done including this one. I'll
>send a message around when it is operational.
>Bob Sellon

Great. If there is anything you would like to contribute to the Looper's
Delight pages, we would love to have it!



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