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Re: More on that feedback thing

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997 PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:

> Or you could rent Steve Tibbetts fingers and setup 8-).

I dunno about that... I saw Steve Tibbetts live several years ago, and
he was having such horrible hum problems he couldn't really play
electric guitar at all.  Then it got scary... at one point, he said
something about a "ghost in the machine".  Then a minute or so into
the next piece, one of the PA speakers fell off the stage, landing
face down with a resounding thud (luckily, no one was sitting that
close).  To their credit, Steve Tibbetts and Marc Anderson didn't
break stride at all.  

Incredible show, btw.  For a setup, he was using a couple of 12-string
acoustics, and his old Strat.  He had Ernie Ball volume pedals, a
Marshall JCM800, and older Lexicon delays.  It looked and sounded like
some loops were being sampled in realtime, and then played back by
Marc Anderson via an electronic drum pad.  Interesting approach.  :}


By "beauty," I mean that which seems complete.
Obversely, that the incomplete, or the mutilated, is the ugly. 
Venus De Milo.
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