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Re: this stinking pedal

You need to set the RecordMode parameter back to its default of "tog" for
toggle. You somehow got it set to "SUS" which gives the record function a
sustain pedal action. 

If want to reset all your parameters to the factory default, you can do so
by holding the parameter button down at power up.

I actually have lots of fun with RecordMode=SUS. I use it to create
micro-length delays. If you just tap the button, the loop length is only as
long as the time the switch actually contacted. It's easy to get loops that
are so short that the repetition rate becomes an audible frequency.  I then
use the replace function and vary the feedback a lot to evolve the texture
and make some very cool sounds. If you've got a source playing continuously
into the delay, the mix control is just like a crossfade on a dj mixer. 
has given a whole new life to my old Alesis HR-16B drum machine - the two
together are making some killer techno percussion grooves. The sounds are
pretty unique, and very easy to manipulate in real time. Often times I'll
also multiply the micro loops to add some longer phrase over the pulsing 

I'd like to explain this better, but at the moment I'm a bit busy. I'll try
to get to it later....


At 03:46 PM 4/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>ok, i guess y'all missed my point about the footcontroller. i thought i'd 
>it die so it would maybe just fix itself. when i try and record on the 
>have to hold the button down for the entire length of the loop. i've just
>reread the manual and this does not seem correct at all. this, as i
>understand it, would be the "long hold" which would reset the loop. am i
>lost, or is this wrong?
>ps latest from obie: cueu late this month. sorry for the false alarm last
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