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Re: SIMMs for EP

At 1:05 PM 4/16/97, <Russell_Gorton@CreatSvc-Ada.CCMAIL.CompuServe.COM> 
>     However, the best price for 4Mb SIMMs I've seen recently is from L.A.
>     Trade (800.433.3726 US and Canada) ... $28.  A full upgrade for the
>     'plex would cost $112.  Not bad.
>     Good luck...SIMMs seem to vary in price like pork belly futures.  
>     up a Computer Shopper or MacWeek and bargain hunt.
>     --Russell

$28 is a commonly advertised price. I think I saw $23 from some ad in a
recent MacWeek. At Fry's in the Bay Area, I've seen 4mb simms as cheap as
$17. If you are actually ordering, you can probably bargain these guys down
a bit. There are several companies that used to advertise in MacWeek and
other computer rags who sold used simms. Those should be real cheap, since
as Russell mentioned, there are lots of them floating around in archaic
computers. I already threw out the last MacWeek I got, so I can't check
phone#'s for you. Pick up some magazines at a local bookstore and check the
bargain dealer ads in the back.


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