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Re: Micro synth

Is this the gizmo Helios Creed uses (besides Crybaby, delay and everything
else) to get that "retro-future" sound? (Helios Creed = Guitarist of
proto-industrial weirdo-rock band "Chrome", now gone solo). I saw him play
once and he had this metalic big-muff looking thing which was some sort of
quasi-guitar synth. Been wondering ever since what the heck it was.

(Not quite loop-related, but Helios Creed uses so much delay he almost 
as a looper!)

In a message dated 97-04-21 05:41:26 EDT, you write:

 >>>>Not to spread rumors but I know Sovtek/EH are reissuing the microsynth
 pedal (another VINTGE! item currently selling for hundreds)>>>>
 I got one for free ones upon a time in a store that could not konw what to
 do with it (???!!) Yes!. So I don't now what is its real street price, but
 you can a hold on it.....
 For those who do not know, it is a pedal (EH) with input and ouput both
 mono. Then you can adjust, with faders:
 Guitar level
 A tone an octave lower (quite octaver like but the boss OC-2 et warmer and
 more punchy to my opinion)
 A square wave at the pitch of the guitar, sounding quite raw, almost like
 a fuzz but... (see at "filter...)
 A tone an octave above, that a sound you could mistake for a Roland
 GR-300 with right FILTER setting (there an hidden message here)
 The filter (AH, can't Say I did not warn you)
 Analog low pass, resonating at its cutoff frequency with a faders
 adjusting 1) the cutoff "in" of the filter when you play your note, then
 the cutoff "out" of the note (sorry I don't know haow best say that in
 plain english or american). Basically, you adjust the sensitivity of the
 pedal with another fader, and the time of decay of the filter, providing
 with sensitivity, those to cut-off faders and he decay, a way to have an
 envelope for the filter that is even dynamic dependant. Sounds quite good,
 don't you think???
 Olivier Malhomme
 (OOPPS!, wasn't it off topic...)