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Unidentified subject!

The music improvisational ensemble, "ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN" (AWL) will be
performing this Saturday night, April 26 @ JAM'N & JAVA, from around 8 -
11PM.  JAM'N & JAVA is an intimate coffehouse in Newark,Delaware @ 99
Newark Shopping Center ... phone number is 302/456-3031.  It is easily
accessible from I95.  If you need directions let me know.

For those of you who don't already know, AWL has been performing in its
current form for almost two years though some members have played together
for close to 20 years.  The players are Steve Roberts (bass), Bruce Panula
(drums) & Paul Poplawski (guitar).  The group employes various sonic and
compositional devices in hopes of proliferating the space-time-sweat & 
dimension.  You can be the judge as to our success.

Hope to see you there.  Other shows coming up in May and June with an
improvisational workshop planned for May 17 at the Arts House of the Newark
Arts Alliance.

Aliens also invited.

Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
email = ppoplawski@state.de.us  or  paulpop@ssnet.com
phone service = 302/737-4491
weekday office = 302/577-4980

Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
email = ppoplawski@state.de.us  or  paulpop@ssnet.com
phone (service) = 302/737-4491    weekday office = 302/577-4980