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Re: looped music/web

Hi folks,

I didnt mean to start up a PC vs. Mac war over a few loops. {:+/
I just wanted to know if anyone using Beatnik on a PC had any problems
playing a "seamless" audio file loop.

They, Headspace, claim that Beatnik bypasses Window's MCI controls.
Consequently I would assume that the gap of silence that Stephen Goodman
previously pointed out would not be present on a loop played back using

Also I dont believe that you have to encode a file into Headspace's RMF
format to get Beatnik to play it back. The readme that comes with Beatnik
claims that it plays all standard formats plus its own RMF and that it
should be backwards compatible with Liveaudio (NS).

I think this test would be a simple matter of just using the Beatnik
plug-in to play back any audio file loop (wave, au or aiff) on the web and
listen for a difference between its playback and Liveaudio's playback.  I
am assuming that liveaudio does not bypass the MCI controls and as a result
puts in a gap of silence inbetween each repeat of the loop.  Beatnik since
it bypasses the MCI controls should play the loop seamlessly.

Unfortunately, I cannot test this myself because I dont have access to a
PC.  Have I got anytakers out there??? or would you all rather drop the


Hayden Porter