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Re: Amplifiers for looping

> Phil did:
> >Yes, I have tried this and in my opinion it does sound different than
> >stereo. I've taken it one step further by adding a third cabinet which 
> >
> Ah... this ends up giving you the difference between the two channels.
> Since I assume that the reverb processor does not send any signal equally
> to both cannels, but different delays, it might be the same as the sum in
> terms of volume, but with a different characteristic due to the changed
> phase.
> >Some very interesting stuff comes out of this third cabinet on occasion.

When you say "wired across the two positive speaker terminals on my
stereo power amp" do you mean something like:

[left channel power amp+] to [3rd speaker +] and [right channel power
amp+] to [3rd speaker -]?

or do you mean:

[left channel power amp+] and [right channel power amp+]  and [left
channel power amp-] and [right channel power amp+] to [3rd speaker -]


The second seems more likely to work, but since the wave forms would be
added together (?) I would guess that you wouldn't get the difference...

unless the first scheme knocks the signals out of phase...

Is this part of the whole surround sound thing?