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Re: Midi standards

> From: Jonathan Brainin <jbrainin@interactive.net>

> Actually, there is a relatively simple solution.  For about $275
> new/$150 
> used, you can buy a JL Cooper MSB+ Rev2.  This pup can store 75 separate 
> midi presets.  It can filter midi messages, merge 'em, bump 'em (and
> grind
> em?)  One preset could send program change from foot controller to
> GSP2101
> only, while another sends programs change only to the Jamman.  Simple!

How does this work?  Are you using the Control One?  I'm assuming that in
order for this to work, you have to plug the foot controller into the MSB+
first.  How do you power the Control One then?  It gets it's power from the

> PS., I'd much prefer to control my Jammans with CC or than with Program
> Change messages.  Much easier to avoid conflict between different
> devices.