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The Man:

>I agree -- I'm not saying that guitar-based music is fundamentally better 
>than computer-based music.  Here's (yet another!) different perspective 
>on it: If you want to tweak a sample, you have to put it through a series 
>of external apparati and processes which are part of a seperate and 
>ditinct entity from who and what you are.

Like making patches using a signal processor?  (Which I can understand, in
a way - I'm not keen on them myself)

>If you've playing a guitar, 
>then this process happens automatically -- it's "hard wired" into your 
>system.  (Too bad it's harder to get a good upgrade!)

I just upload the CD-ROM on the cover of Guitar Player.  Just out of
interest, do you get the month's Notes On Call CD on the cover of GP in the
US now?
We do here...

>The way I see it is this: If you've got individual samples of drum 
>sounds, waveforms in a sample-playback synth, etc, there's no inherent 
>musical phrase there, unless you're triggering a factory loop. 

But then  - the fatal move!

>And in the mea culpa department, there *are* some factory-loaded loops in
>the GR-50 memory, which I'll probably be using in my solo gigs.  How do I
>justify this in light of the last 5,000 posts I've made?   I'd also
>have to say that these loops aren't available in the factory presets; they
>have to be user-tweaked, and I've spent some time doing some serious
>tampering with them to get them to the point where they are right now. 

Check,,,and mate.  :)   Deep Blue would be proud....

>Which is exactly what all the pro-DJ arguments have been advocating all
>along, I know.  Is this an atom bomb-sized hole in my whole argument?  
>Could be. 

'Reckon.   Hmmm.... that's that thread over.  Now, what next?  Maybe Kim
can tell us about foot controllers....  Hey Kim!  When's the Echoplex Quad
update (v3) coming out...?   :) 


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