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Re: ADA MIDI foot controller for Jamman (question on midi pgm. changes)

  I'm sorry you're having problems with that, to my recalection, the midi
program change msg 1 should work as the button does and has for me when
I've used it in this manner.  I usually use the lexicon peddal that comes
with the unit even though I have a foot controller.  I will give this a try
again if I have some time in the next few days just to make sure...  Good



At 08:58 PM 3/1/98 EST, you wrote:
>Just bought an ADA this weekend and tried it out.  Thanks for all the 
>Have a question for those that may know,  the jamman manual shows program
>change 1 to be tap for all modes.  I can get the recording to go when I 
>pgm. chg. 1 but hitting it the second time doesn't stop the recording for
>playback.  If I hit any of the others and then press 1 it will stop.  
>Shouldn't the tap function work like the analog unit?  TAP to record and 
>to playback.  
>P.S.  The Fade functions are really cool, can't wait to experiment with 
>John Peters
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