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guitars and samples

Reacting a bit late but...

Woah, I think there may be a touch of overemphasis on that point.
Guitarists are no nearer the cosmic source than anyone else"

Yes When i hear that guitar player are still playing black dog when a DJ
(or whoever) is still sampling, please gimme a break!
At least
1) with the sample it will correctly played
2) guitar player community is not exactly known fot its inventivity (does
it exist? lets say imagination, try to walk in a guitar shop a saturday

I don't see MUCH difference between sampling and most guitar players
besides I'l prefer a sample used with imagination than a bad -or worst,
just usual- guitar part.

I would rather talk about experiments versus narrowness of mind
(again does the word only exists?)

It is clear to everyone that -in music- the end justifies the means!
The fact that we all choose different means is our richness that make us
sometimes different from our neighbour. It is quite clear to me that
mostly everyone is running after the same "end". Or not?
Olivier Malhomme