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RE: Midi standards

Matt said:  "Wouldn't this scenario make more sense if Lexicon
made/sold foot controllers!!! ;-)"

Funny you should mention this.  We announced at the summer NAMM show that  
we will be shipping a footcontroller this fall.  It is meant to be a   
deicated footcontroller for our MPX1 but will allow MIDI control as well   
as provide a modulation source for anything else that can be controlled   
by them.  It will list for a little more than a JAMMAN so it will likely   
not be priced right for most JAMMAN users.

If anyone has any questions regarding this please contact me directly.

Best regards,

Greg Hogan
Lexicon Customer Service
Phone 617-280-0372
FAX 617-280-0499
email: ghogan@lexicon.com