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Kim Flint wrote:
> Yet more proof that guitarists are the most arrogant people on earth....
> Could we please broaden our minds a little bit and stop trying to prove 
> one approach to music is oh so much more special than another? There's no
> need to be threatened by someone who's a bit different from you. Learn 
> the differences, you might grow a little bit.
> kim
> (and next time you want to make gross generalities about some group or
> another, recall that you live in texas and there's no shortage of good
> redneck jokes! :-) )

        I have not posted to the Looper list before: my roomate is a 
and synthesist and I'm a singer and flutist...
        Though I do not wish to attack anyone on their views of music and 
wide range of expressivity, I do not think a DJ is a musician. He may be
a craftsman and an artist, just as say, a non-musician sound engineer
can be, but I *do* believe you must play a musical instrument to be
considered a musician. (And, yes, a voice *is* a musical instrument).:)
        If there is disagreement here, perhaps we must broaden our concept 
what a musical instrument is...? 


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