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Great controversial issue!!!

We're talking about creativity, no matter what instrument you're playing. 
matter if it's a musical instrument or not...

True creativity can move us through a lot of expressive vehicles. Don't
limit yourself!

I'm a Stick player. I'll spend the rest of my life studiyng this really
difficult instrument. Am I more musicians of a strictly blues guitar 
who plays only 3 strings, some bendings and only pentatonics passages?? How
do you consider a musicians ?? For how long does he study tecnique and

Based on which parameters do you decide? 
And what about a player with a total different background from ours? A koto
player? A traditional bouzoki musician? Some african percussion ensemble?
Same parameters to judge? Do you talk about scales and bending with them or
just hear the beauty of their expression?

I know Djs and engineers with more musical attitude and talent than a lot 
guitarist (drummers, singer, keyboardists, bassists, stickists) out there. 
Less musicians because the instrument they use?? I don't think so. Their
samplings or sound elaborations can move me more than some istrionic hyper
fast scalar passages or other "beauties" of the old cliched guitar world.

And there's more: often these talented guys (DJs, etc) have not the
arrogance to consider themselves musicians when a lot of simply
"istrumentalists" think to have the right to call themselves "musicians".
"Artists", too.

Well, there's something wrong here. It's the substance, it's what you
produce that is important.

Maybe one of the reasons behind the new electronic boom (techno, jungle,
trip.hop, etc) is that in these years DJs had a lot more to say than most
guitarists (and all the family). Maybe is it possible?? Maybe not the only,
but probably one of the reasons....

There're tedious guitarists and creative DJs. there're creative guitarists
and annoying DJs.
To find who's the musician, look for the music....