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Re: Bassoon Uber Alles

> >International Double Reed Society 
> >Library Holdings - Music: Solo Bassoon 
> >------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >The following is music for Solo Bassoon. The entries in this list are
> >sorted by Composer. 
> (long list of works deleted)
> I think John P. may have (and if not, I am) been referring not to works 
> written for unaccompanied bassoon, or featuring the bassoon, but rather 
> spontaneous realtime composition and performance over a pre-decided 
> backing, i.e., a hot bassoon solo in the pop music sense.

All John requested was "Point out a killer bassoon solo" to which
Dave complied.  Sorry to nitpick but he didn't specify a pop music

Even if he did, does it really matter?  A killer bassoon solo is a killer
solo regardles of genre.

Paolo Valladolid
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