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Guitar good, keyboards bad

Phalluses good, desks bad...

what I mean is...as a keyboardist, I consider Jan Hammer's work with Beck 
and John McLaughlin definitely on par with the giant cohorts.

However, for me (the bassist & tightly budding guitarist), I'm sorry, but 
PLAYING the keyboard is boring to watch and not that exciting to DO 
compared to those beautifully vibrating strings over a wonderfully 
sculpted, smooth wood neck.  It's a whole lot more fun than sitting 
behind what amounts to a big hunk of furniture or, worse, a heavy chunk 
of plastic and cheap metal parts.  

I love my Nord keyboard, but for sheer playing pleasure, I'd much rather 
PLAY my strat or P-bass or Modulus 5-string.  It just feeeels good, man.