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Re: Guitar good, DJ's bad, etc (was LOOPING PHILOSOPHY)

At 08:20 PM 8/12/97 +0100, Michael Hughes wrote:
>> Why is it that in rock music, there's an acute shortage of "keyboard 
>> heroes", in the same sense that say, Jeff Beck is a guitar hero?  

Why is it, that in traditional african percussion ensembles, there is an
acute shortage of tenor sax players? 

Yet again, I have to wonder why some of you feel such an overwhelming need
to prove that guitars (or bassoons, or whatever) are somehow so much better
than other instruments. What purpose would proving that serve? They all do
different things, and can make wonderful contributions in different
contexts. Take the blinders off and enjoy it all.

>> many breathtaking solos can you recall that were generated by something 
>> with a piano-keyboard interface?
>Keith Emerson?
>Hell, he even smashes the keyboard up at the end of the gig!

Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Booker T
Elton John
Billy Joel
Bernie Worell
Kate Bush
Tori Amos
Trent Reznor

If there is a shortage of keyboard soloing in rock music, it's probably
because egomaniacal keyboard players gravitate towards being concert
pianists, or maybe jazz. Egomaniacal guitarists end up being yngwie
malmsteen. Role models for the self-obsessed appear in different places,
apparently. The team player/band member/song writer sort of piano player is
more likely to be the one that wants to play in a rock band. A damn good
thing, because I'd hate to see the rock band with John Tesh in it. 

One of the refreshing things about the electronic/dance scene is the
tendancy towards humility. In fact, many of the "heroes" go to length to
downplay themselves, which is probably why they are not so well known.
Having the urge to be the star and parade around in front of everybody is
not necessarily the same as being creative, or expressing oneself, or just
having a good time making music.

>Failing that, no.  there's a limit to how cool you can look sitting down, 
>and no, upright controllers don't count.

I think tori and elton john look pretty cool sitting down. Buckethead is 
only guitar player I think looks cool standing up. As if it mattered :-)

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