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Re: Keyboard "Eruption" (was Guitars Good, Keboards bad)

> trying to find out what the keyboard equivalents are.  The guitar press 
> frequently compiles lists of noteworthy albums and even solos--is there 
> no equivalent in the keyboard world?

Well Keyboard Magazine obviously compiles its own lists.

Others have cited examples ranging from ELP to Genesis to that guy
in Kansas.  How about that opening organ solo in Boston's "It's Been
a Long Time" (ok, I don't remember the correct title)?  Here is a song that
even today receives near-constant airplay on classic rock stations and
surely has been heard by millions of potential keyboardists.  If none of
these examples convince you then I guess we should move on...

> >Going back to your "Eruption" example for guitarists, I'd say that piece
> >is only influential to guitar players and even then only to those who
> >actually care for it.  I just don't see guys like David Lindley or young
> >flamenco players giving two bits about "Eruption".
> I'm sure that Lindley is quite aware of Eruption, and probably can play 
> around a bit with the two-handed technique.  God knows, he can play 

But do you really believe Lindley was influenced by "Eruption"? How about
that incredible young slide player in New York (Dave Tronzo)?

> stringed things with frets in just about any other way.  Young flamenco 
> players probably don't know or care, but in this discussion, I'm 
> referring to electric guitarists from North America or Europe.  Most of 

In that case, what you say sounds reasonable.

Paolo Valladolid
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