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Re: Guitar good, keyboards bad

> In non-fusion Jazz, the guitarist is usually denied the option of 
> distortion, the primary method of imparting sustain upon a sustain-poor 

I don't know how things are in Austin but from what I've seen the
guitarist himself chooses not to use distortion; he is not barred from
using it by the other band members.  It could be out of fear, it could
be out of some ingrained notion of how the guitar ought to sound int
a jazz context (witness the phenomenon of young jazz guitar students
trading in their Strats/Les Pauls/etc. for fat jazz boxes) or it could
be something else. 

> note, you're sort of pressed into playing another...quickly.  The 
> can't just sit on a note for four bars, whereas the above instruments 

This goes back to "no instrument can do evertying".  Great pianists
find ways to say what they want to say on their instrument.

Paolo Valladolid
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