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Re: help wanted -- technique tips, please

> From: Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org>
> We don't specifically use a click, I program a simple percussion part
> fits into the material, and after a few weeks practice everything came
> together quite well. It's a great way to expand the sound without adding
> more people to the band...

Great suggestion.   That way if the "click" works it's way into the house
mix it adds something musical instead of just annoying stick clicks.  It's
amazing how a simple programmed percussion part can add a lot of character
and depth to a song.


P.S.  I should mention that in my old band I used a lot of delay to
supplement my rhythm guitar work and as long as the drummer could hear my
guitar clearly he was able to lock onto the tempo.  As with Dave's drummer,
it helped that he had excellent meter.  (I mention this because playing
with a fixed delay time is similar to playing with a looped phrase --
although you have a little more room for error.)