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This thread is not without merit... is it?

I find it hard to take offence at really any of the flaming that has go
on in this thread... I am just a bit surprised.  I don't know about you
guys, but I spent a lot of time in career(?) as a musician hearing
"that's not music" both directed at me and towards some of the bands
that I listen to.

I find it hard to believe that my experiences are not shared with all
who subscribe to this list.

Anyhow, I think there was an interesting thought a while back that has
been all but ignored, that being the idea that a DJ fills the role of a
conductor.  My own experiences with DJ's (my best friend is one, and he
was dropping Terminator X style scratching and breakbeats into my
imitation Cocteau Twins songs five or six hears ago) have been regarding
them as sort a cross between a guest soloist and rhythm box but I like
the idea of having one person have a control over the basic rhythmic and
harmonic direction of a performance.  It would be nice to see/hear
something like a fusion of Glen Branca and DJ Yella.

I don't find much attraction to electronica in the same way that I am
not particularly atracted  to solo singer/songwriter acts, or solo
instrumental acts (with many noticable acceptions, of course).  I have a
tendency to really enjoy the interaction of a small group of people. 
This is also how I prefer to make my own music (probably no

Case in point- I guess at this point I have seen DJ Spooky five or six
times (only once on purpose... it seems everywhere I go, there he is)
and was never really to blown away by him untill  I saw Spooky and Lee
Renaldo (of Sonic Youth) play a set together before the Panasonic show
in NYC.  The performance had its ups and downs, but was,  I think the
freshest thing I had seen out of either one of them for a while.

BTW: one of the new electronic folk of I have seen around is called, I
think, DJ Singh.  I saw her once at a show show with DJ Spooky and she
totally blew me away.  She layed down a sensual groove (something
missing in most of the machine music I hear these days, be it
electronica or R&B) with focused (also uncommon these days) bursts of
ambient noise and/or SY-esque skronk.  Really good stuff.  Anybody heard
from her?  I have no idea where she is from.