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RE: Frisell/Power Tools and assorted discographies

  Wonderful story, loved it!



At 09:14 AM 3/10/98 -0800, you wrote:
>David O:
>then you'll want to scurry off to the Bill Frisell Song Finder at:
><http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/2495/bill_frz.htm> (the
>construction of which proves how much spare time I had last weekend).
>Hey, nice work David!  I've got one to add, I mentioned it a while back 
>in a 
>discpix thread, but will give it some bandwidth again:
>"Just So Happens", Gary Peacock and Bill, duet.  For anyone who doesn't
>Gary is a major cat in jazz world.  Plays upright bass, lives in Seattle. 
> Great player, great guy.
>Album was recorded February 1994, most the compositions are Gary's and
>collaborations.  Plus a little Americana (Home on the Range 1 and 2, Red
>Valley), a jazz standard or two (Good Morning Heartache, Reciprocity -
which is 
>Gary's), and another Gary tune.
>I really love this album, but then I've always been inspired by both
Gary's and 
>Bill's playing.  The title track, "Just So Happens" is exceptionally
>like when the sun comes up.
>For anyone interested in more about Gary, here's an anecdotal story.  This
>in Seattle, more years ago than I care to count.  I was doing lessons with
>and that week we'd been working on jazz standards, specifically Autumn
>in all keys.  At the time Autumn Leaves wasn't my most favorite tune in 
>world, but he chose it for specific pedagogical reasons, and hey, who was
I to 
>argue?  He'd play piano, call a key, and 3,4, go man.  Just do it.  It 
>pretty daunting for a kid learning to play walking lines, but Gary was 
>unbelievably patient and encouraging.  Well, I limped through that 
>grasping at obvious, rudimentary harmonic and rhythmic choices, not
>very far so as not to totally fall flat on my face, which I was doing
> Came out of there feeling like I'd been through a ringer.
>That evening I went out to a little jazz club where Gary was playing.  It
>early in the week, and early in the night.  There were only two or three
>in the club, which would later fill up.  He leaned over to the other
player (I 
>can't for the life of me remember who it was, but he was gigging a lot
with Art 
>Lande at the time...) whispered something, and started into this
>elongated improvisation.  These guys were at 150%, absolutely playing 
>butts off, exploring extraordinary tangents.  Just pasted me to the chair
- I 
>was absolutely captivated; it was the finest I'd ever heard him play.  
>how long, who knows - this little cocoon club was in a time warp -
>brilliant, elegant tones threaded into Gary's tapestry, one by one, ever 
>smoothly.  It was like shimmering deep bells going off in my head.  
>Leaves.  Holy shiiii....
>That remains the most profoundly moving "lesson" I've ever had.