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Re: Used Vortex price

They were going new for $150 towards the end. Nose dive from 500-600 range.
Now they are all gone (?) so your best bet is to find someone who bought 
and hated it. This is easier said than done since everyone I know of who 
one loves it, and thinks the people who it to sold them for that low are
idiots (I think the rest of the world is full of idiots for not going nuts
over this thing, but that's just my bias). At worst a Vortex owner hasn't 
enough time to figure out how amazing it is yet, but are willing to give 
it a
chance since they tend to hear all the word-of-mouth. Actually your best 
is to find someone who has one who is (a) starving to death and/or (b)
jonesing for smack and/or (c) stole it. (Actually this is probably
considerably more likely than finding someone who hates it).

I don't think their value is very well-defined at the moment, it probably
depends on how much the person you are buying it from paid for it, at least
for a couple years anyway. I paid $350 for mine and thought I made out 
like a
bandit until I heard about what the guys on this list got away with!  $200 
probably reasonable (based on what they were finally going for plus the 
value of their posthumous reputation) but I think they will only 
I am CONVINCED that they will be very valuable (maybe close to the original
price?) hard-to-find classics in the future, even if everything else in the
world ends up sounding exactly like it anyway. It will be prove to have 
either ahead of its time, or utterly unique, or both, no matter what 

For getting something like it widely available again, we can only hope
someone famous champions the thing in a very visible way, but that probably
won't happen since music is so gear-drenched no one cares what gear someone
is using anymore (nor can most people afford it) by the time it gets to
things like weird rack-mounts. Though I shudder to think what Hendrix would
have done with one in the 60s, for instance (brain cells cringe in horror 
awe...) - Man, how'd he DO that????? Too bad the Vortex wasn't a 79.99 foot
pedal of his...


In a message dated 97-08-17 11:54:53 EDT, you write:

<< Subj:        Used Vortex price
 Date:  97-08-17 11:54:53 EDT
 From:  LEO@DINONET.IT (Leonardo Cavallo)
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 Hi all
 I'd like to know the price of a used Vortex. $200 is too much??