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loops in concert, NJ (fwd)

Forwarded from the space-music list...


Begin forwarded message
Really-From: chuckv@p3.net (Chuck van Zyl)

"Star Watch"
Friday, August 22, 1997 at 7:30 pm
Bill Forcier, Paul Mimlitsch and Phil Grim
Chuck Miller opening
The Gazebo in the Village of Taunton Forge Shoppiing Center
Medford, NJ (intersection of Taunton and Tuckerton Roads)
Telephone: (609) 596-7098
On the web, visit the "Events" page of The Star's End Web Site at

"Star Watch": "An exploratory journey through time and space". Paul
Mimlitch (Chapman Stick/Loops) Bill Forcier (Synthesizers/guitars/Loops)
and Phil Grim (Percussion) performing an extended set of loops,
improvisations, sequences, and textures.

Bill Forcier is a guitar and synthesizer composer from southern NJ. Through
his work as a guitarist with the bands "Andromeda" and "Treated and
Released", he gained exposure and experience in local clubs in the late
'80s. During that time, his interest in the local electronic music scene
created a new direction for his work.

Forcier's work "Ayer's Rock" appeared on the Synkronos Music sampler
"Facets" and his piece "Daguerre Type" was released on the Electronic
Dreams collection "Dreamseeds". And on February 1, 1997, Bill's "First
Night Out"  performance was featured on WXPN's Star's End.

Paul Mimlistch (also from the south Jersey area) performs on The Chapman
Stick. He uses "loops" to produce beautiful washes of sound and texture,
upon which he and his supporting musicians overlay rhythms and solos.

Mimlitsch's solo work can best be described as extended "stream of
consiousness mindscape explorations" with and in response to
textures/rythms built up using various "looping" devices; but in the group
context, responding to other player's improvisations.

Paul frequently performs solo live concerts (Star's End Gathering XI) as
well as with the groups: "Gaia Mind" (jazz improv.), "Folk Fusion" (new age
folk), "Invasion of Time" (improvisation), and "Xynolyth".

Phil Grim is a percussionist who studied for seven years under Lenny
Seidman, and has performed professionally for three years with various
artists. His music covers a variety of styles including Indian, African,
Latin, and Middle Eastern. The influence of Mystic "goes deep from 20 years
of the Philadelphia underground music scene." Through his studies and
experiences, he has emassed a varried collection of percussion instruments.

Opening the show will be guitarist Chuck Miller performing two original
pieces written for acoustic guitar and stick. Paul Mimlitch will be
accompanying on stick.

"Star Watch" will be an outdoor event. Bring a chair or blanket if you
want. In case of bad weather the concert will be moved inside to the
Celestial Cafe. Telephone: (609) 596-7098

Directions to "Star Watch":

- -Route 70 East to Hartford Road in Medford, NJ  (5 minutes past Rts70/73
traffic circle in Marlton, NJ)
- -Right on to Hartford Road
- -Turn right, at second traffic light, onto Taunton Road
- -Pass first traffic signal
- -Taunton Forge Shopping Center is on the right

For the uninitiated:


The sole distinguishing feature of looped music is the inclusion of
electronically-assisted repetition of audio material. Due to the
unpredictable nature of live loops, looped music is often experimental in
nature. Musicians who are attracted to this form tend to posess a highly
improvisatory leaning, always ready to respond to the electronic realities
that that may come into being. The genre encompasses a seemingly infinite
range of compositional and performance styles. Remember Robert Fripp and
Brian Eno's tape-loop albums of the late 70's? Familiar with Steve Reich's
phase pieces? Are you a fan of the current resurgence of noise-collage
compositions? This music is worth checking out!

End forwarded message