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On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Andre, The man himself said :

> Is there something in the air around here?  Are the planets aligned in a
> particularly nefarious way?
> There's been more outright flaming and off-topic posting on this list
> the last three or four days than in the entire one-year history of the
> list *combined*.  Please, people, try to be respectful of one another.
> This list has always struck me as being significantly better-behaved than
> a lot of others, and I'd hate to see it degenerate into a morass of
> unrelated hostility.
> Like the phrase says: "Mean people SUCK!"   So please don't.
And then i realized that i had quoted Kim Corbet in my last mail (re:guitar
good - keyboard bad) and said that Andre had said this. Sorry Andre? (loop