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the GT-5 LOOPS!

I just discovered an amazing looping application on the Boss GT-5, which 
only 1800ms of delay. BUT, it has a delay spill-over function such that if
you write the same delay patch to several presets then change the other
non-delay perameters, when you select the different patches with a loop
running, the held delay contents carry over to run thru whatever new fx are
set up the different presets (still on Hold, even tho the control 
to activate hold--now is OFF; hit it twice to fade away the loop, in any of
the presets). Each one can be completely different except in the delay
settings--i just chose max delay and set up the hold thing--including what
kind of basic voice you'll have in that preset: acoustic, ring mod, synth,
pitch-shifted, whatever. So, with a bank of five such presets, you can 
a loop with any of the five different voices, and send that loop to five
different post-processing configurations. I've got auto wah set up after 
delay in each, so I have five different frequency sweeps to choose to send 
loop thru, with the expression pedal set to master level. Sending thru a
synth or ring mod voice, with slowly shifting auto wah, on which the
frequency rate is being swept by the internal triangle wave, is amazing, 
I've got 4 other fx chains I can send it thru, and on each one there's a
different guitar voice I can play over it, let alone the other outputs on 
three-output guitar. This technique has kept the same little synth figure
entertaining thru the entire course of writing this post...it's always
changing as the wah brings things in and out. I've only just discovered 
so I'm sure there are many variations...there's also a sound-on-sound
function that will probably work the same way. whew! this is a serious box!
Anybody know if there's a GT-5 user group/web-ftp site?