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Re:phantom ringing

  This is a little off-topic, but one of Tesla's accidents was responsible
for bringing the concept of microwaves to light.  And as another fact, He
also caused a rather large explosion in a Denver power plant but I'm not
sure of the year.  



At 10:14 AM 3/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>One of Tesla's big concerns was the possibility of transmitting power
>without wires.  J.P. Morgan began financing the gear to do this (a tower
>was built on Long Island, with which T. expected to send AC to Europe), 
>someone asked JP what free power would do for him, and that was the end of
>Tesla knew a lot about resonance, and stated that, given enough juice, he
>could crack the planet itself open like an orange--ouch.  He created an
>earthquake in Chinatown here (NYC) with these principles.  This guy was
>really out there; have always loved him.  Fascinating read: "Tesla: Man 
>of Time" by Margaret Cheney (Laurel/Dell, 1981).
>>  One more thing about "phantom ringing" :
>>  I read some article years ago about Nicola Tesla and some kind of 
>>  weapon" which would transmit tones across great distances.  Or maybe it
>>  was an energy source which gave off some extra noise.  In any case, 
>>  technology was supposedly never realized and buried.  I've always 
>>  that this phantom ringing (which I also..) was from secret government
>>  tests of this Tesla technology.  But I watch the X-files religiously
>>  so...
>>  ed chang