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Re: the GT-5 LOOPS!

<<I'm not familiar with the GT-5.  Is it an effects processor or what?  The
synth and ring mod modes sound interesting.  How much do they run?>>

The GT-5 is the third-generation of COSM trickle-down from the VG-8. It's 
all-metal floor unit with a bunch of footswitches and a built-in EV-5
pedal...seems to have all the best fx from the two prior products, the 
and the GX-700 (where DO they get these COOL names?), and the most 
imaginative programming options of them all, but not the front-panel preamp
knobs or multiple I/O features of the GP-100--there IS a programmable mono
loop, tho, which is fabulous combined with the totally configurable fx 
The ring mods (there's an "intelligent" option that preserves a sense of
pitch), acoustic guitar emulation (like their new Boss pedal), and mono HRM
synths are truly rich, and all can access the distortion stomp boxes and 
COSM amp/speaker emulations, slow attacker, wah, EQ, comp-lim, reverb,
chorus, pan-trem. Besides the delay thing, there are two other "hold"
functions,  "Feebacker," a synthized mono sustain with octave-up fade-in--a
pretty cheesy emulation but not without possiblities for the twisted
mind--and synth note hold. It can, in short, sound almost as wild as, and a
bit more real (in high-gain mode) than, a VG-8...costs about $800.
There's a good long description of it in the Roland Users Group Mag with 
Mitchell on the cover.