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Re: looping images

Jamie Lack said:
>Something I have been wondering.
>Do any readers appreciate the concept of looping images with sounds?
>The same way (kind of) that we loop sounds, we loop images.
>I plan to explore this as soon as I come to grips with the GT-5 and my 4

I think that's a very interesting direction. I don't do anything like it
myself, but being a media-saturated member of the mtv generation, putting
image and music together seems like a perfectly natural thing to do.
Extending looping concepts to video and animation could have some very
interesting results, I'd love to hear what you're thinking along those
lines. medialooping, I guess we might call it.

Some day, there may even be devices to do just that.....to the machine,
audio and video are just data. looping or manipulating one or the other is
the same, just a question of processing power. Well within the reach of
current technology actually. the interface and function set are more the

I'm really interested in the idea of performance video. It seems possible,
but I never see anyone really doing it. I saw a band a few years ago with a
video artist as a band member. The music was a fascinating sort of punkish
art/prog rock with this amazing video background. All performed right along
with the music. It was fascinating. Naturally it was too good to be true,
so they broke up. I really thought I'd see a lot more of that sort of mix
since, but I've never seen anything like it again. video alongside the
music, sure, but never created as an actual part of the performance.
Anybody doing that?


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