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Re: looping images

At 04:59 PM 8/27/97 -0400, John Neilson wrote:
>> Jamie Lack said:
>> >Something I have been wondering.
>> >Do any readers appreciate the concept of looping images with sounds?
>> >The same way (kind of) that we loop sounds, we loop images.
>> >I plan to explore this as soon as I come to grips with the GT-5 and my 
>> >track.
>I think Emergency Broadcast Network actually uses a video sampler in
>their performances, to trigger short clips or loops either manually or
>in response to musical cues.
>At one point there was a little demo version of this kind of sampler
>floating around the net.

Yeah, I was going to mention them, but I missed their show when they were 
town so I don't know for sure how it comes off in the performance. A friend
of mine had the impression that they had things pretty rigidly sequenced to
their music. That's probably fine for their style, but I wonder about the
possiblities of using broadcasting equipment like they do for a more
improvised approach. Actually, EBN might be doing more of this by now, I
haven't checked up on them in a while. It seemed like they were very
interested in the idea when I read an interview a couple years ago. 

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