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Re: My GT-5 and other things

<<Could any other GT-5 owners recommend a fairly low cost addition to 
the looping capabilities.>>
You could patch a little Zoom 4-sec (508?) delay into the loop. They go for
around $120, and actually have some of the same delay-spill-over
functionality. How do you create your animations? In Premiere perhaps? 
keep sending up GT-5 discoveries. It's an amazing little device. 

Here's a minor tweek, useful if you're into electronica: while a  loop of 
sort I described in the previous post is running, go to the pedal assign 
and just dial around between the various presets, each one of which will 
an immediate effect on the loop. When you get tired of doing this, exit and
the last sound you made will continue as before. Too bad this isn't do-able
with foot switches, but it's pretty unpredictable...file under GT-trivia.