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Hexagrams loop recording on the Web in RealAudio


I've just put a vast collage, Hexagrams, up on the Web in RealAudio.
It's a collection of lots of interesting moments, edited into what I
hope is an interesting journey. It's about 70% loop-based, with the rest
being mostly solo unlooped-but-augmented guitar, except for one section
which is an edited version of my performance on a MAX program that I
wrote some years back.

It's a 26-minute piece, but it's in streaming audio so you don't have to
download the whole thing to listen, and you can jump around in it with
just a few seconds' delay at each jump. So, if you've got a 28.8 modem
or faster, hop on over to http://wsdesigns.com/wsirota/hexagrams.html
and give a listen. Thanks.

Yours truly,
Warren Sirota
musician, programmer, writer